1983 Mercedes Benz 300CD Coupe Turbo Diesel

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Mercedes' last Diesel Coupe

If you ever wondered -what is the best looking Diesel Coupe out there.   This is it.

There are exactly 8007 Turbo Diesel Coupes ever made by Mercedes.   All of them ended up in the United States!   They only existed on the W123 body style (1981-1985).   Yes - this makes this car a keeper.   Unfortunately, like all old cars most of them rusted out.   I found this particular one in very good condition-but has very high milage 289,000 miles!   In spite of the high milage - all components still work.    Even the A/C works perfectly.   Guaging from the condition of the brake disks and the overall condition of the car - it looks very well maintained.   Even the dashboard has no visible cracks.

Enjoy the pictures.



These pictures were taken Sept 2008

Interior Shots

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Taken Aug 2008 (below)

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Interior Pictures